Restoration Foster Care

Restoration Foster Care

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Thursday, May 23th
6:00pm – 6:45pm
Tuesday, May 28th
6:00pm – 6:45pm
Thursday, May 30th
12:00pm – 12:45pm


It takes highly prepared, supported, and specialized foster parents to provide a foster home for child sex trafficking survivors.

When these trafficked minors are discovered by a police action, many are taken to a therapeutic, residential treatment facility where they experience extensive treatment to cope with the trauma they’ve experienced. After completing the six-month program, many of these kids don’t have a safe home to go to, and since they’re underage, they enter foster care.

Unfortunately, the average foster parent isn’t equipped to help them. That’s why we provide our Restoration Foster Parents with extensive pre-service and regularly scheduled training that specifically addresses the needs of trafficking survivors.

Parents also receive unprecedented wrap-around in-home supports for themselves, their family, and the child they’re fostering. Their support team includes 24-hour on-call assistance, a therapist, a trauma-informed specialist and behavioral support staff.

Restoration Foster Parent Comprehensive Training includes:

  • An overview of commercial sexual exploitation of children
  • Trafficked youth and their vulnerabilities
  • The impact of Complex Trauma on development
  • How to help and empower survivors transition to confident living
  • Teaching and fostering healthy relationships
  • Creating a structured environment that supports your foster child

Family Support Systems includes:

  • 24-hour on-call assistance
  • Responsive clinical staff meet the needs of your entire family
  • In-home coaching sessions empower you to create a home environment built on structure and nurture
  • Customizable, flexible in-home assistance from a trauma-informed specialist and support staff
  • Regular team meetings to develop and adjust client-centered treatment strategies
  • Access to additional supports as needed

For more information on Arrow’s Restoration Foster Care, including volunteer opportunities and other ways to help bring attention to the need for specialized foster parents, complete the form below and our staff will contact you.