The Arrow Center For Education

Cromwell Bridge – School Staff

The Arrow Center For Education – Cromwell Bridge principle is Emma Fulton. She can be reached at

  • Special Educators certified through the Maryland State Department of Education. Each teacher specializes in a core academic subject and rotates to each room to provide high-quality instruction.
  • Assistant Teachers – support the instruction and classroom environment. Assistant Teachers remain with the same groupings of students throughout the day, allowing them to be the consistent presence in assisting each student in the classroom throughout the day.
  • Licensed Clinicians – provide individual and group therapy, and support students’ growth in social-emotional and self-management IEP goals.
  • Resource Specialists – provide preventative behavioral support, as well as safe and respectful crisis management as needed.
  • Contractual Psychiatrist – partners with families to provide evaluation services and medication management as needed.
  • Contractual Speech-Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists – provide services as designated on students’ IEPs.
  • Treatment Coordinator – the contact point for all related services.
  • Behavior & Academic Specialist – coordinates behavioral data, the implementation of Behavior Intervention Plans, and coordinates Assistant Teachers.
  • Certified Medication Technicians – work under the supervision of a Registered Nurse to provide medication administration and first aid care. In the event of more emergent needs, the school accesses the nursing department of the Diagnostic Center.
  • Vocational Coordinator – works to prepare students for in-school and community job placements, as well as facilitates family applications to the Department of Rehabilitative Services (DORS) for post-secondary support.
  • Program Assistant – serves as a point of contact for students’ records.