The Arrow Center For Education

Type III – FAQ

What is your inclement weather policy?

Because the school is connected to a residential program, we remain open in most cases. For days where the weather is significant, Arrow will announce they are closing and the school day will be made up.

How long is your school day?

Regulations state a Type III school need only three hours of instruction, but our Type III school runs on the same six hour day as other schools do, unless inclement weather interferes. Arrow feels it is important that our Type III students benefit from the structure of a regular school day, and do not miss opportunities to be enrolled in as many classes as they would be in their home school.

Do students receive credit? A transcript?

Type III does not complete transcripts, per Maryland regulations. However, students’ efforts are not wasted. When a student is discharged from the Type III school, they receive a Student Progress Report, which has grades for each class they took, as well as seat hours. The school the student attends next after Type III can use this form to update the transcript.

What happens if a student has an IEP?

Because our Type III school is in Baltimore County, all Type III students with IEPs are case managed by Baltimore County Public Schools. However, this is done in a collaborative way with the home Local School System.