The Arrow Center For Education

Tangram – FAQ

Does your school have vocational sites?

Yes, Tangram has many vocational sites in the community where our students can work. Our goal is to have all our students ready for a job before the exit our school.

What is your inclement weather policy?

Tangram follows Baltimore County Public Schools’ inclement weather decisions and will make up any missed days.

How do I get my child to the Tangram school?

Students come to us through the IEP central team process. A Local School System (LSS) will refer the student to us. We will contact the family and set up a tour for both the family and student. Interested parents are always welcome to tour the school even if they have not been referred. It is our courtesy to the LSS to notify them if an interested parent tours before a central IEP.

Is Tangram a year-round school?

Yes, our school is a year-round school. We do have scheduled breaks throughout the year but our student are in school for 12 months.