Educational Programs

Public School Alternative (MD)

Teenager/CounsellorThe Arrow Center for Education is a Private Separate Day School with campuses in Baltimore and Bel Air, Maryland. The Arrow Center for Education provides specialized education services to children in grades 6 through 12, who have demonstrated difficulty with school adjustment and performance in mainstream settings. Students are instructed in a safe, nurturing environment with individualized attention from the school staff. With 45 students and approximately 30 staff members, each school provides a 3:1 student to staff ratio. The schools are staffed with credentialed professionals from the fields of social work, education, and administration.

The primary goal of the educational program is to help students reach their potential academically, emotionally, and behaviorally by creating a familiar and predictable environment based on therapeutic relationships. In this therapeutic, treatment-oriented context, each student is tested, identified, and treated as a unique, individual learner. Through therapy, social skill instruction, and behavioral interventions, The Arrow Center for Education makes learning a relevant and rewarding experience, rather than a situation which breeds failure and humiliation.

Arrow students participate with students from other Private Separate Day Schools in the IAA sports league, which includes volleyball, flag football, basketball, and softball. Other curricular and extra-curricular activities are available for students throughout the year.

Arrow also operates a Type III School in conjunction with The Arrow Diagnostic Center. Residents receive creative learning opportunities in an academic and structured environment. While in the 90-day diagnostic program, students receive an academic assessment and upon discharge from The Arrow Diagnostic Center the assessment data is shared with the student’s community school to assist with further educational planning.


The Arrow Center for Education is monitored for compliance by the Maryland State Department of Education, accredited by the National Commission for the Accreditation of Special Education Services, and is a member of the Maryland Association of Nonpublic Special Education Facilities.

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