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Tangram – For Students With Autism (MD)

The Arrow Center for Education Tangram is a private, nonpublic special education day school that addresses the unique needs of students with autism or whose needs require a similar level of support and service.

The primary goal of the Tangram is to help students reach their potential in the areas of academics, behavior, social skills, and life skills. The student’s educational, emotional and behavioral growth is achieved within a well-structured environment. Each student’s individual educational programming is created and implemented in the context of the whole child, with an emphasis on the student’s ability to access instruction and skills needed for long term success.

Students receive coordinated instruction with Speech Language Pathologists. The success rate of the student is a result of the entire education team working together, teachers, classroom staff, related service providers and administrators, parents and guardians, the local school system and of course the students themselves.

Tangram - Teacher and StudentWith a staff to student ratio of 1:1, students receive a fresh start and will, perhaps for the first time, be equipped for success.

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