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Becoming A Foster/Adoptive Parent

The above video gives you an idea as to why our staff and Arrow families are trained in Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) from the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at TCU. A child who is damaged by the trauma of a difunctional relationship, can begin healing in a healthy relationship. This is one reason the stability of our foster placements exceed state and national averages.

A specific list of minimum requirements will be shared with you during our informational meeting, but they’re generally not difficult for the average person to meet. They include being financially stable without the foster care stipend, having an adequate home size, passing a background check, completing pre-service training, and completing a Home Study evaluation.

The Benefits

Most foster/adoptive parents find that the joy of seeing their foster children push through past pain and anger far outweighs the challenges and difficult days they encounter. Arrow’s foster/adoptive parents receive biblically based training as part of the licensing process.  Arrow also provides ongoing training opportunities and comprehensive support services. There is immediate access to an on-call case manager for after-hours emergencies. Foster/adoptive parent support groups are available where parents discuss their experiences and find emotional support. Foster children receive free medical care and therapy, and foster/adoptive parents receive a daily reimbursement to help pay for their foster child’s living expenses.

The Arrow Advantage

Arrow was founded in 1992 by a former foster child who grew up in a loving, Christian foster home. Today, we strive to give every foster child that same opportunity, to experience the unconditional love and commitment of a Christian family, and the support and encouragement of a church community. Because of the Christian principles our ministry was founded on, we hold ourselves, and our foster families to a higher standard of excellence. This is reflected in all the programs and services of Arrow Child & Family Ministries. Arrow also actively engages local churches in establishing their own foster care/adoption ministries to provide support to Arrow foster/adoptive families and the foster families in their own congregations.

Foster Care as a Ministry

We’re looking for families who are passionate, committed and want to make fostering or adopting their mission because they are called to it. Find out if this might be your calling by attending one of the monthly informational meetings at a local Arrow office. This is where you’ll learn more about what it takes to become a foster/adoptive family with Arrow, and it’s the perfect time to have all your questions answered. Until then, here are a few answers you may be seeking.

Attend an Informational Meeting

Several live streaming webinars are available each month. You’ll get an overview of all of Arrow’s foster care programs and because the webinar is interactive you can have all your questions answered.   Click here for details on currently scheduled webinars.


Part-Time Fostering

When our foster/adoptive parents have a family emergency, need personal time, or just need a break, they depend on Respite Providers to provide short-term care for their foster children. It’s simple to become a respite provider:

  • You only have to complete an application
  • We’ll conduct a criminal background check
  • We’ll train you in the basics of respite care

Discover if a part-time ministry to foster children is your calling by attending the next informational meeting in your area. Click here for details on the next informational meeting in your area.

Foster/Adoption Applications

Foster/Adopt Parent Application FormPDF - 832 KB

Frequently Asked Questions

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