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Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) has awarded 4Kids4Families, a division of Arrow Child & Family Ministries, the contract to become the Single Source Continuum Contractor (SSCC) for the Piney Woods area of Texas DFPS Region 4. Beginning March 1st 4Kids4Families will work with DFPS to transition the Texas child welfare system from a statewide, “one size fits all” approach to a community-based model designed to meet the individual and unique needs of children, youth, and families at the local level. “4Kids4Families is honored to serve alongside the Piney Woods region that so passionately cares for their children and will do so with innovation and creativity to bring a transformational difference and the best outcomes for kids,” Scott Lundy, CEO, Arrow.


Arrow, a Christian provider, assists children and youth with complex trauma of all types. Thousands of children and families benefit every year with the dedication of staff, donors, and volunteers across two states. Arrow is built on the belief that engaging community stakeholders and fortifying a committed network of providers produces the best outcomes for everyone involved. Arrow leads the way in providing foster care services, kinship care, residential treatment programs, educational services for children with special needs, durable medical equipment services, and family-based treatment programs for children with behavioral and emotional needs.

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As we transition to overseeing Community-Based child and family services for DFPS Region 4, Piney Woods area, communication is crucial. Your voice and engagement are essential to improving the lives of the children in your community. We look forward to hearing your feedback and answering all of your questions. Join us for upcoming townhall meetings!

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As we transition to become the Single Source Continuum Contract (SSCC) Provider for DFPS Region 4, your support will aid in the journey to create better outcomes for kids in the Piney Woods Region.

To make this possible, we would like to gather more information from current providers regarding capacity, types of services, ages served and more.

For all media inquires , please contact our Chief Relations Officer, Debi Tengler at 281.210.1571.


4Kids4Families is dedicated to finding a loving home for every child in the Piney Woods Region 4 community. If you love your community and want to make a difference in the lives’ of children, please consider joining our team!

As we continue our journey as the SSCC provider for Region 4, more job opportunities will become available. Make sure to check back frequently.

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If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to fill out the form below, or email us at: [email protected]

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