The Arrow Center For Education

Fair Meadows

In operation since 2000, The Arrow Center for Education is a private separate day school that provides full-day special education and related services to a maximum of 45 students. The primary goal of the educational program is to help students reach their full potential academically, emotionally, and behaviorally. This is achieved in the context of a well-structured environment. In this therapeutic, treatment-oriented context, each student is tested, identified, and treated as a unique, individual learner.

We serve male and female students, from grades 6-12 and up to age 21. Primarily, our students are on a diploma track, though with the ability to individualize programming, students earning a certificate of completion may also be enrolled. Many of our students have an IEP that identify an emotional disability, though other students with autism, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and other health impairments have been served to great success.

Our focus with each student is to achieve readiness to return to a less restrictive environment, or to move on to post-secondary success. It is our highest aim to see students reach their potential, by equipping them with the social, academic, and functional skills that allow their strength to shine.

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