The Arrow Center For Education Schools


In operation since 2013, The Arrow Center for Education – Tangram is a private separate day school providing full-day special education and related services to a maximum of 45 students ages 8 to 21. Elementary School grades 3 through 8, and secondary school grades 9 through 12 are offered at The Arrow Center for Education – Tangram.

The primary goal of our educational program is to help students reach their full potential in the areas of academics, behavior, social skills, and life skills. Educational, emotional, and behavioral growth are achieved in the context of a small, well-structured environment. Additionally, each student’s individualized educational programming is created and implemented in the context of the whole child, with an emphasis on the student’s ability to access instruction and skills needed for long-term success. The school employs evidence-based practices such as those established through Applied Behavior Analysis.

We serve male and female students, from grades 3-12 and up to age 21. Primarily, our students are working towards a certificate of completion, though elementary and middle school students on diploma track may also be enrolled. Many of our students have an Individualized Education Plan that identifies an educational disability of autism, though other students are identified with sensory processing disorder, a specific learning disability, health impairment, or multiple disabilities. Regardless of an individual student’s challenges, each student is treated as a unique, individual learner to ensure they have the greatest opportunity to achieve their educational goals.

Our focus is to equip each student for the best quality of life after completing school. The building of communication skills through work with pull-out and push-in speech services is an integral component to our program, as is vocational and community experiences. Seeing each student reach increased independence is the measure of our success.

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