The Arrow Center For Education Schools

Type III

In operation since 2000, the Arrow Center for Education Type III provides transitional educational services to The Arrow Diagnostic Center, a short-term residential care facility licensed by the Department of Human Resources to provide a comprehensive, multidisciplinary assessment. The average length of stay in the Type III School does not exceed 60 school days. The program serves both elementary and secondary students from a variety of Local School Systems. Additional services provided by The Arrow Diagnostic Center include: psychological and psychiatric evaluations and consultation, health and medical services, recreation therapy, life skills, and individual, group, and family therapy.

We serve male and female students, from grades 6 to 12. Many of our students are general education students, though students with IEPs are also served. Students at the Type III school remain enrolled for the duration of their placement of The Arrow Diagnostic Center, and referrals for students not placed on The Arrow Diagnostic Center are not able to be received. Primarily, our students are diploma track, though with the ability to individualize programming, students earning a certificate of completion may also be enrolled.

Our focus is to provide a normalizing school setting for students while they are in short-term residential care. All students receive instruction in the core academic subjects as well as two electives, all based on the classes they were taking as indicated on their Prior Student Record. Students have a Personal Education Plan that outlines the instructional program while enrolled with Type III, and receive a cumulative Student Progress Report upon their discharge. While the Type III school cannot complete transcripts, the Student Progress Reports allows the next school placement to award credit and update the transcript.

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