Attentive audience listens to speakerThe sheer size of the problem of abused and neglected children is too large for any one ministry to overcome. Thankfully, God knows this. We believe this is in part why He inspired James to command the church to look after orphans. (James 1:27) No other organization has the people and the power to reach every child in need.

Some churches already support abused and neglected children in many ways. Other churches would like to start. Therefore, like-minded ministries are coming together with mutual support and shared resources to create real change. By working together, each church can create their own Arrow ministry which will offer opportunities for anyone who wants to make a difference in the life of a child rescued from abuse.

Your Arrow Ministry

Each year, thousands of children are rescued from abuse and placed into the foster care system. Little bodies need protection and healing. Hardened hearts need mending. Rejected children and teens need to know the unconditional love of Jesus. Yet too many of these children are housed in shelters simply because there are not enough families willing to give them a real home.

God commanded us to take care of the orphans. Yet the church for too long has given its responsibility to the state or county. It’s not that the church doesn’t care… most are just unaware that this crisis even exists.

What Does It Look Like

Your Arrow Ministry is just that… yours. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to ministry. Rather, each church should carefully design their ministry with their fellowship of believers in mind.

Yet Arrow Child & Family Ministries is here to equip you to serve these children. Our professional staff can make presentations and explain the need, the process and how your members can impact the lives of children in the foster care system. We likewise can share the blessings experienced by those who serve.

Typically, four aspects of an Arrow Ministry would be:

  • Recruit – Recruit and train foster and/or adoptive parents
  • Relief – Provide support groups and relief care opportunities to foster/adopt families
  • Resources – Provide resources to meet the variety of needs of abused and neglected children, as well as the families who care for them
  • Requests for Prayer – Recruit prayer partners to participate in our Prayer Embassy, an intercessory prayer program on behalf of abused/neglected children and their families

Each of these roles is effectively used in the healing process for these foster children. Our staff is available to help present these different opportunities and to create custom materials for you.