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Arrow Center for Education Schools in Maryland provide special education opportunities for children who need an alternative to traditional public education. Our primary goal for all of our educational programs is to create an atmosphere where each student can reach his or her full potential academically, emotionally, and behaviorally.

Arrow Center for Education Schools meet every child where they are as learners, academically, socially and functionally, we make change through defined best practice and the building of invaluable relationships. All of our efforts are focused on assisting the children we serve to realize their best potential by removing barriers, creating opportunities, building skills, and nourishing their individual gifts.



As I think back to my very first year working as part of the Arrow team, I am amazed that this is where we are as a system of schools. From my start in 2000, the Arrow school “system” was a hallway of classrooms, serving one population of students. You could walk from one end of the school to the other in under 5 minutes.

Now, to see all of the Arrow School System, you would have to go to three campuses, in two different counties. You would see children as young as Kindergarten to young men and women of age 21. You would see students of varying talents, personalities, educational needs, and a tremendous expanse of supports and programming. But no matter where you go and who you see, they are “our kids.”

The drive to meet all of our students in the highest way possible fuels us every day. One of our more cherished guiding principles is that all children are valued, all children are precious, and all children have the potential and strengths to excel and have quality of life. Along that vein, I thought I would share the driving forces behind what I do, as both an educator and administrator…

  • “Change does not happen by doing what everyone else has done.” Our students come to us because the ideas that were easy to think of did not work. The attempts of previous special educators, behaviorists, related service staff, and systems many times did not bring progress. Innovation and creativity is the key to success. As a team, every idea and voice matters—that includes the staff, the families, the Local School System, and the student.
  • “Not dreaming big for our students is an unforgivable sin.” Many, many people have sold our students short in what they can do. Sometimes, our students sell themselves short, because hoping brings hurt. We must show them that we will always be their biggest cheerleaders, and dream with them.
  • “At the end of the day, answer to the man or woman in the mirror.” No one is perfect, nor will that change any time soon! But the most important thing that we do as a team is to reflect back, be honest with ourselves, and then grow from what we see.
  • “Success is not measured by scale.” Our schools are small. In most cases, the maximum capacity is 45. Whether a clinician has a caseload of six or 20, a classroom aide works with a student one on one, or a Special Educator teaches 40 students a day, true success is for one child at a time. And our size ensures that I will get to know the students, the Principal will be familiar with every family, and no student will be faced with an unfamiliar face after their first few days. I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

I am blessed to walk with so many that live these values every day, and I learn from our students and the team daily. In all of those efforts, this tremendous journey we walk with our students, I am so happy that you are walking with me.

The very best of regards,

Sue McLendon, M.Ed., Associate Vice-President

Phone: (410) 882-9133, ext 7304
Email: [email protected]

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