A renovated home in Amarillo, and a family in Waco fulfill a divine appointment

August 21, 2014

A vacant house had been sitting on Arrow’s Amarillo campus for years. But Keith Howard, State Director – Panhandle, knew God had a plan for the vacant house – he just wasn’t quite sure what it was.

That is, until all the pieces fell into place perfectly, making way for up to seven more children to become part of an Arrow foster family.

Amarillo kitchen

The house hadn’t been used in at least four years and was in need of repairs when about a year ago Keith partnered up with the Texas Panhandle Builders Association – Remodelers Council to renovate the building. The council was looking for a service project, and the house presented a great opportunity to contribute to a meaningful cause.

The council completely renovated the building, which was originally a duplex, to create one big house. They knocked out the dividing wall, created a new kitchen, put in new appliances, light fixtures, bathrooms, repainted, re-floored, put in new trim, and more.

“There’s nothing visible in the house that’s not new,” Keith said.

Additionally, a local Boy Scout installed a deck for his Eagle Scout project.

As the house neared completion, Keith looked for a foster family that could move in. Three families had already declined when he got a call from his friend Jason Butcher. He and his family were missionaries, working with orphanages in Mexico and Guatemala, but were back in the U.S., in Waco, trying to discern what their next ministry opportunity would be.

“I don’t want to be a hindrance, and this might sound crazy,” Jason told Keith over the phone. “But I was praying about our next step, and God said there was something in Amarillo we needed to call you about.”

Amarillo porchWhen Keith told him about the Amarillo house, Jason immediately knew foster care is what he and his family were being called to do. They immediately jumped into training classes in Waco and prepared to move.

The builders finished the home at the beginning of August, and the family immediately moved in. Soon, they’ll have their home study completed, the final step before they can start accepting foster kids into the home.

The family will be able to take in up to seven foster kids, in addition to their three birth children. The large capacity will help keep sibling groups together, and enable more Amarillo kids to stay close to their home community.

It’s amazing to see God work through the hearts of so many volunteers and a willing family to provide such a beautiful facility where foster children will heal, grow and discover His purpose for their lives!