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Arrow Child & Family Ministries serves children rescued from abuse through foster care, by recruiting, training, licensing and supporting Ambassador Foster Families as they provide therapeutic services from a Christian worldview. The ultimate goal is to transition these children back into a healthy environment with their biological families. Or, if that is not possible, provide a safe, nurturing home from which they can launch into a successful adulthood.

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The Need

Every day, state child welfare services receive phone calls reporting potential child abuse. Immediately the child is removed from the potential danger until a thorough investigation can be completed. Then the search begins for a foster family willing to take that particular child. Is the child’s age right? Is the race right? Is the level of care needed right? Sometimes yes, but many times there’s not family for a child. That child is then placed in a residential facility or an emergency shelter until a family becomes available. It’s bad enough that there are significantly more children who need a home than there are foster families. But many of the families who are available only want a young, cute, compliant child. And they wouldn’t consider taking in brothers and sisters to keep a sibling group together. The young, cute, compliant child is quickly placed in a home. But the truth is, many rescued children have experienced horrific trauma and they have issues. They’re angry. They don’t trust. They act out. Who wants a child like that? And forget about taking a teenager into the home. Foster care is not about increasing the size of a family, or even doing a good deed. It’s about helping a child desperately needing love and direction. This requires a family determined to do what it takes to help a hurting child heal. It can be tough at times, but it’s always rewarding.

Attend an Informational Meeting

There are regular informational meetings being held at all Arrow offices. This is the best way to learn more about foster care and what it takes to become a foster parent. Click here to find details on the next information meeting in your area.

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