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national show house to benefit Arrow

  Show House Collective recently announced a very special project currently underway… Arrow’s Show House! This curated design experience will involve the innovative talents of the nation’s top designers including:   Top tier partners include:   Generous sponsors include: Those involved have volunteered to participate in this national show house presenting front line products and […]

After five foster homes and two years
in a shelter, these three teen siblings
began living their real lives

Aurora and Michael Bradford quickly discover why families are so reluctant to foster teenagers! When Aurora and Michael met 10 years ago, it didn’t take long for the conversation to include plans for a potential future family. In fact, they had only known each other for about four hours when Aurora said, “You know, I’ve […]

Residents at Freedom Place plan end of year banquet

  Residents at Freedom Place helped plan a red carpet themed banquet to celebrate the successful end of their school year. The original idea came from one of the residents who mentioned the wish to a staff member. The promise was made that it could be done and it was going to take a group […]

Arrow Prayer Call

It took 10 years to finalize the adoption of this 5 year-old

At the age of 30, Chris and Stephanie Johnson had their first child. Three years later they wanted to grow their family, but they soon discovered adoption was the only way it could happen. They didn’t have the $30,000 to $60,000 it would take for a private adoption, so they put it in God’s hands, […]

Sometimes fostering goes beyond helping just the kids

Jeannie Dye has fostered 45 children over the course of nearly 11 years with Arrow, including several sibling groups, but her current situation is turning into something she’s never experienced before. Just like all the other kids Jeannie has fostered, the one, two and three-year-old siblings in her home are being loved on as if […]

A heroic journey is honored with an unprecedented award

  Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Commissioner Hank Whitman presented Jon Mark McMullen, VP of Arrow Health Solutions, and a three-man DPS flight crew with the prestigious Commissioner’s Award of Excellence for their heroic efforts to deliver life-saving formula to a foster family trapped by hurricane Harvey flooding. This is the first time this award has […]

It’s one thing to foster a troubled 16 year-old, but it’s quite another to adopt him

Anita Eggerson never dreamed she would be able to own a four-bedroom home with 2,600 square feet, on a half-acre of land. But she knew in her heart, her new home was a blessing directly from the Lord. “There is no way a single woman should be able to do what I did,” explained Anita. […]

The Miracle of Braylen’s Adoption Journey

  The medical staff at the hospital said the newborn wouldn’t live for more than a couple of weeks. But they hadn’t met the tenacious Tiffany Ross yet. Tony and Tiffany Ross had married very young, but they stuck together through the struggles, and reached the point where they were content and happy with their […]

From childless to a full house through two adoptions and one miracle

None of the treatments were working. According to the doctors, there was no medical reason why they couldn’t get pregnant. But Valarie and Evan Maier were trusting in God’s plan and His timing. “We never prayed for a baby,” said Valarie. “We prayed and prayed for a family.” The Maiers began looking into adoption but […]